How to free for mosquitos on your home

You’re probably thinking that controlling mosquitos has absolutely nothing to do with budget decorating but guess what, it does! In fact, there are plenty of ways to control pesky mosquitos in and around your home using some clever and attractive tricks that you can make yourself.

Using essential oils

It’s long been known that the essential oils of certain plants help keep pests, like mosquitos, away. The most commonly used essential oils that help repel mosquitos are citronella (Cymbopogon, made from varieties of lemongrass) and lemon eucalyptus (Corymbia citriodora, which is a species of eucalyptus tree). Keep in mind that synthetic scents, like synthetic citronella, won’t work. In fact, you should always invest in 100% organic essential oils as they are more powerful and potent than non-organic versions. These essential oils can be used in making your own mosquito-repellant candles, tiki torches or mosquito spray. Always dilute essential oils and never put it directly on your skin.

Never use essential oils on babies or toddlers under the age of 3 and never apply it to open cuts or wounds. Pregnant women should consult their doctor first.

DIY citronella candles and torches

If you’ve ever made your own candles you know that the process is extremely easy. In fact, once you have gathered the right ingredients it’s really easy to make a whole bunch at once. Try using different types of recycled containers like tin cans or mason jars. These make great gifts too! The basic ingredients you need are:

  • candle molds (container appropriate for burning candles)
  • wicks
  • double boiler
  • candle wax
  • scissors
  • essential oil (citronella or lemon eucalyptus)
  • color (you can use crayons to add color if you want)

The recipe is simple. You need to affix the wicks inside the candle holder. Next, melt the wax in the double boiler and add the scent (you can also add the colored crayon at this point). Carefully pour the liquid wax into your candle molds then let them solidify. For more details please read this tutorial here. Here’s a great video for how to make a citronella torch.

Mosquito repellent for the skin

Like the mosquito repelling candles above, you can make your own bug spray too. Keep in mind that not all repellants work for all mosquitos. The most documented type of successful mosquito repellent is still DEET, as it’s been proven to repel the most number of species of mosquitos for the longest period of time. In fact, if you’re headed to dengue or Zika prone areas you may still want to stick to the strong stuff. But if you have a mild mosquito issue you can try this more natural repellant that uses a coconut oil base and a mixture of essential oils.