Dishwasher Woes & Troubleshooting Techniques

So, you have some questions and concerns about your appliances around your home? It is not just you. Many other homeowners have these questions too. You are likely not the first person to wonder things like, why does my dishwasher smell, or why is this appliance not working the way I think it should? In this article, let’s tackle some FAQ surrounding dishwashers, and then troubleshoot some talking points.

Your dishwasher: does it have a smell to it? A rotten egg kind of smell, or perhaps an old food type of scent? Did you get the user’s manual to your dishwasher? Maybe you did, maybe you did not. Or likely you did but you did not read it cover to cover! Anyway, there is recommended care and use that is valuable to know about your particular model of dishwasher.

As a universal type of rule for most newer models, only 1 tablespoon strength dishwasher detergent is best. If you are using a two times concentrated version, then you would want to use half of a tablespoon worth per load of dishes. Read your manual or look up online what your dishwasher manufacturer recommends. If you are using too much soap, this alone can lead to a foul smelling dishwasher. There are reasons why the little door or spot on your appliance is the size it is.

Also about the smell: most recommend keeping the door open when not in use. This creates air flow and prevents any bacteria or mold type of formation from growing. We all should know by now that where it is warm, dark, and somewhere where water may by lurking, bacteria loves to grow. If leaving the door wide open is not ideal for you, even leaving it cracked about five inches or so will do some good. A bit of fresh air never hurt anyone!

What about discoloration on the seal of your dishwasher? Is it getting discolored over time, say when you bought it or purchased the house? If you have had this go on for too long, you may need the seal replaced. Contact a local honest appliance repair service to do the job for you so you know it is done correctly. If the seal simply looks “dirty” or moldy, then a good cleaning should fix it up. To prevent stinky water, or an overall smelly dishwasher, look into these two matters to better diagnose and perhaps fix your problem.