Cheap Decorating Tips For Your Home

When you hear the word “marble” you don’t immediately think “affordable.” It’s imported, it’s a real material, it’s heavy, it’s one-of-a-kind. But if you still love the look of marble and want to try decorating with it without spending a lot, you’re in luck. Here are some top marble-inspired projects to buy or DIY.

Faux marble contact paper

You can find marbleized contact paper in your local home improvement store, sometimes in a variety of colors. Try covering an MDF table top or shelf with this sticky paper. It won’t feel like marble, and may appear a bit shiny compared to marble, so use this on something that is small or a bit out of direct eye level.

Marble printed laminate

Laminate has come a long way since the 70’s and now you can find some fairly realistic digital images of marble printed on affordable laminate. This is a great project when you need to resurface your kitchen island or countertops, or even in the bathroom. Laminate is easy to find and purchase by the square foot.

Ask your salesperson to show you images of what you can expect the counter to look like afterward – real marble has uneven veining, laminate may not.

Marble printed tile

Inexpensive tile, for flooring, the bathroom, or countertops, can be found with printed designs that mimic the look of wood grain or real stone, like marble. The advantage is in the cost as well as the installation. Additionally this faux marble tile may be found in thin versions, which can be important for some home projects.

Other stones that looks like marble

Although an expert can spot real marble a mile away, some other less expensive types of stone can mimic the white, veined look of marble. Limestone or quartz can sometimes have a marble-esque look, and you can find it on coffee tables, tile or dining tables. When shopping for furniture with a stone top, ask the manufacturer to let you know what exactly it’s made of. This will help you know how to maintain it over time.

Marble fabric

Digital printing has allowed manufacturers to print fabric in a huge array of realistic designs, like marble. You can look online for wholesale or fabric sold by the yard, or try shopping for already made objects. You can find marbled pillows at Madura Home for $70.

Marble wallpaper

Like contact paper, you can find some great wallpaper designs printed in a marble pattern. This material would be great for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms or entryways. Right now you can find some great wallpaper patterns at West Elm as well as wall decals from Walmart.